Making Sex W/ Condoms Better

Oct 31st 2020

Condoms are one of the best forms of birth control and top ways to combat sexually transmitted diseases. If used correctly, they are reported to be 98% effective. The role they play for protection in these two areas is undisputed. They do have somewhat of a bad reputation, however. Condoms are known for the protection and unfortunately, equally as known for hindering enjoyment. While it’s true there are some issues with sensation when using a condom, it’s also true that there are some workarounds available to you. So, don’t sacrifice safety for sensation. The truth is you can have both - just follow this guide for the best of both worlds.

5 Ways To Change The Condom’s Bad Rep

  • Explore different types of condoms. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of varieties of condoms available. If one doesn’t suit you, keep trying you might find one that is perfect. Options such as ribbed and textured (on the inside and the outside), varied thicknesses, sizes and flavors are available to help you match your passion to a condom that works for you. The key is to keep trying until you find the one (or ones) that you like.
  • Keep them handy. A common complaint among condom naysayers is that it ruins the mood, slows the momentum or dampens the passion to go find a condom in the heat of the moment. Simple solution, prepare ahead of time. Have condoms handy and in good supply for those impromptu moments of passion, and the problem is solved. Night stands, handbags, wallets and sleepover bags can be well stocked with a supply of your favorite condoms (see tip #1 for more about finding your favorite, in case you jumped ahead).
  • Change your mindset. Mindset is a powerful thing, especially if you had bad experiences with condoms in the past. Flipping the script can change your approach to using these tried and true protection mechanisms that protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. (See how we did that?) Not only do they provide all that protection and come at an affordable price point with easy accessibility, but they also can help make your sexual encounter last longer. So, the positives are strong for condom use, you just have to focus on them more than the negatives.
  • Lube inside and out. Of all the tips on the list, this one is a game changer. Many lovemakers out there know to put sexual lubricants on the outside of the condom. But, lube on the inside? That’s a power user move. Yes, you can and should do both. The skin-to-skin sensation is reduced with condom use, true. With the right lubricants, used the right way, you can overcome that obstacle and even succeed your wildest expectations - and you have some many lube choices to consider. Here’s an overview of things to consider:
    • Apply one or two drops of water based lubricant (no more or it may slide off!) inside the condom at the front to create a better sensation for the wearer.
    • Apply lubricant outside the condom for smoothness and pleasure for the other person.
    • Consider warming and sensual arousing lubricants to amp up the fun.
  • Use a high quality lubricant. Not all lubes were created equal. Choose your sex lubricant wisely and it will make all the difference in your condom experience. Swiss Navy is the leader in personal sex lube products with a bevy of choices for any need. The Swiss Navy product line was created with your health and enjoyment in mind. All natural ingredients and natural formulations take front and center as you pursue your love life goals.

Whether your goal is birth control or protection from STDs, or both, condoms are a top choice. For birth control, they are affordable, easy to access and less intrusive than options such as hormone-based pills or IUDs. As for disease protection, there is nothing comparable to the condom’s protection. This makes the case for overcoming hesitation or negative attitude toward the condom strong. The good news - you can still have an amazing sex life even with condoms. Just follow our tips.

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