Lube: Your Date Night Inspiration

Lube: Your Date Night Inspiration


Date night is the perfect opportunity to explore new ways to have FUN with your lover!

But, often, date nights seem to become repetitious and perhaps… boring. People find comfort in patterns and it’s easy for date concepts to be repeated. While some may find comfort in knowing that dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by a movie will be happening on Friday night, others may become frustrated with their stale date night routine.

Enter Lube

Lube. Something that enhances intimate pleasure on several levels but isn’t often the star of the show.

Lubricants have come a long way, with some being practically legendary in their own right at this point. 

While organic and natural versions are gaining popularity, there are other options that I’d like to propose for your consideration. Keep an open mind, remember to have lots of fun, and use these suggestions as inspiration for your own date night possibilities!

Meet 3 Date Night Lube Inspirations:

1. Discover new erogenous areas

2. Create new edible combinations

3. Try a new type of sensation

Ready to dive in? Let’s look at each of these options a little more in depth.

#1 - Discover New Erogenous Areas


So, what exactly is an erogenous zone? It’s an area of the body that, when stimulated, creates a response in the region of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This brain response signals a sexual response. In most instances, sexual responses occur when a person’s clitoris or frenulum is stimulated.

However, for your date night, I suggest placing some smooth, slippery lube on your finger and gently gliding it over lesser-known erogenous areas. 

I encourage you to not start at the typical sensitive areas, but to explore new sensual possibilities. Most people report areas of the body where the skin is thinnest seem to be places where sensitivity is heightened and can lead to arousal. Common secondary erogenous areas are the crook of the arm, earlobes, and the back of the neck.

Take your time. Enjoy the feeling of touch and allow the lube to gently glide your fingers over your lover. If goosebumps appear, this may be your first clue that this area may be particularly responsive.

# 2 - Create New Edible Combinations

Date nights sometimes call for a little adventure! This is inspirational exploration that you can enjoy in your own home.

Have you tried experimenting with different flavored lubes? Strawberry flavors are rumored to be the most popular, but there are a multitude of different options, such as passion fruit, peppermint, chocolate, and more.

For a new date night thrill, choose a few different flavors and then experiment with combinations to find your unique edible experience.

Consider some of these suggested pairings:

  • Wild Passion Fruit + Straw-Kiwi Pleasures
  • Chocolate Sensation + Poppin Wild Cherry
  • Cooling Peppermint + Chocolate Bliss


#3 - Try a New Type of Sensation (warming, Infuse combo)

Ready to switch things up for your next date night? Have you ever tried Temperature Play?

Some lubricants are formulated to provide warming or cooling sensations, meant to increase stimulation and pleasure.

Warming lube can be used to stimulate a body’s neuro-receptors—which can lead to a tingling sensation. This tingling helps intensify feel-good pleasure and can provide you and your partner with a new date night experience.

Some sensational combinations are created to be used together, such as Infuse Arousal Gels for Couples. The Hers formulation provides a warm, cooling sensation, while the His helps increase pleasure and stamina. Sounds like a win-win!

Lube Newbie?

New to lubes? We all are at one point or another. And, with new formulations being introduced to the market all the time, it’s inevitable to encounter something you haven’t tried before.

Keep on the lookout for new ingredients and unique ways lube can be used—such as experimenting with flavored lubricants, some of which can be rubbed or blown on to create a warm sensation.

Check back here often as new blogs are posted with all sorts of useful information, tips and techniques, and fun ideas for you to try!

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