The Best Things in Lube are from Nature

The Best Things in Lube are from Nature


Nature provides us with the beauty that surrounds us, our food, water, and air. But did you know that nature is also where most of our medications come from?

According to The Native Plant Conservation Campaign, 74 percent of medications come from plants, 18 percent from fungi, 5 percent from bacteria, and 3 percent from snakes or frogs.


Nature in Lubricants


Many sexual wellness products feature ingredients found in nature. While there has been a recent drive to use more natural and organic ingredients in everything from cooking recipes to commercial beauty products, lubricants have been taking advantage of nature’s elements for decades.

Using natural and organic ingredients can help avoid potentially harmful ingredients that may cause skin irritation, which may be another reason why there’s been a big push to utilize them in everyday beauty products.

Here are a few examples of nature that can be found in your own lube:

  • Silicone is made from silica found in sand.
  • Swiss Navy’s Premium Anal Lubricant contains Clove Oil, which has the active ingredient Eugenol, a natural anesthetic to help numb and reduce pain. Clove Oil is also a great natural remedy for moisturizing dry skin.
  • Swiss Navy’s All-Natural Water-based Lubricant contains a natural ingredient called Carrageenan. Carrageenan is a common food additive extracted from red seaweed. Most manufacturers use it primarily as a thickening agent, but research published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine found Carrageenan to be a powerful inhibitor of certain sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), which is associated with the development of cervical cancer.

Use of health-positive ingredients is just one way our Swiss Navy brand is helping people enjoy better sexual health.

Be Conscious of Your Intimate Ingredients

Consider reducing your personal eco footprint by making smart choices about what you choose to use on your skin.


While natural and organic skin care remedies have experienced recent commercial success, nature-found treatments have been effective for centuries. Remember Carrageenan, mentioned above? A thousand years ago this red seaweed was used as a lubricant in Japan, China, and Korea!

Remember, your skin is the largest organ on your body and its overall care, including intimate health, should be treated tenderly.

Swiss Navy Tip! Store your lubricants in a cool, dry location at room temperature to help keep natural ingredients in tip-top condition.

Natural Supplements

According to the Journal of Nutrition there are around 90,000 different dietary supplement products on U.S. store shelves, making up a $30 billion dollar industry.

73% of U.S. men take a supplement daily.

Reasons for taking an intimate support or performance enhancing supplement can be varied—and quite personal. But know that many of these supplements also incorporate ingredients from nature.

Several Swiss Navy supplements, such as Swiss Navy Testosterone For Men, contain Tribulus Terrestris, which has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine to help with stronger, more frequent erections in men and which clinical research has found it improves sexual desire, arousal, sensation, ability to reach orgasm, lubrication, and sexual comfort in women.

Swiss Navy’s Triple X Testosterone Booster with Testofen® contains Saw Palmetto, which is known to support prostate and urinary health in men.

Swiss Navy's Climax for Women includes Vitamin B-6, which regulates the sex hormones and ups female libido. And Zinc, which is a libido booster.

Supplements can be a great way to utilize the benefits of nature’s elements.

Incorporate Nature Into Your Life

It’s always a good time to put a bit of nature and its wonderful wellness benefits into your intimate health routine. Whether it’s trying a new lubricant or adding intimate supplements to your daily routine, Swiss Navy has made it easier than ever to bring nature into your own life.