What Do You Need To Know About Personal Lubricants?

What Do You Need To Know About Personal Lubricants?


Personal lubricants can open a world of new possibilities for a person’s intimate life. Most people that try them admit that their use can be lifechanging.

Like just about anything in life, knowing more about a particular item can help a person make a better decision when it comes to making a choice. So, let’s look at a few things you need to know about personal lubricants that may be helpful to you.

Water-based Lubricant is the Most Popular Personal Lubricant

Water-based lube has a lot of benefits that help make it the most widely used personal lubricant. Water-based lubricants typically have fewer ingredients, less chemicals, and are more natural. They can be gentler and work better for people with sensitive skin. And they are usually less messy and are easy to clean up with simple soap and water.

Water-based lubricants can be used in any form of sex play and sexual need and are OK to use with any pleasure product material. And they are compatible with all types of condoms.

Good to Know: Water-based lubricants are considered an all-purpose lube and are a great place to start if you’re a lube newbie.


Silicone Lubricant Feels Like Friction-Free Liquid Silk

Amazingly, silicone lubricants are most often made of just two ingredients. But these two ingredients combine to make the smoothest personal lube available.

Silicone lube is magical in another sense—they cannot evaporate or dry out over time, which allows for longer sex play sessions without the need for reapplication.

Silicone lubricants are also waterproof, which makes them ideal for sexual activities that include water, such as sex in the shower, tub, or sauna. Just be sure and keep caution in mind since this can make them incredibly slippery on tile surfaces.

Good to Know: Even though silicone-based lubricants may be more expensive, they have a thicker consistency that allows for a little going a long way—so less lube is needed when applied.


Flavored Lubricants Help Make Oral Play More Comfortable

Flavored lube can help make sexual activities more fun and help people get past potential shyness about oral sex play. They add flavor to intimate experiences, can help mask the taste of latex and body parts, and add the element of food-play to sexual situations.

Edible experiences engage more of your senses and expand possibilities for intimate encounters.

Flavored lubricants can be found with silicone and oil bases, although water-based formulas are the most popular. And you should be aware that natural ingredients are sometimes used for flavoring in certain instances—which means that if you are allergic to berries, chances are you may be allergic to the flavors used in a berry lube.

Good to Know: Strawberry is the most popular flavor of flavored lube.

Natural Lubricants Are Flourishing

When a lubricant is labeled "natural,” it signifies the ingredients are sourced from nature, not a lab. Natural lube is considered to be lubricant that’s free from harsh chemicals and is made from natural


People consider natural ingredients safe. People who have sensitive skin naturally seek out natural ingredients. Natural products appeal to people who want to avoid synthetic chemicals.

Good to Know: Unless a lubricant is FDA regulated and 510(k) approved, it is not truly a lubricant and has not passed stringent testing. Only those lubricant formulas which have passed this regulation can use the title Lubricant on their labels.

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