How to Choose the Right Lube for You

How to Choose the Right Lube for You


Wondering where to start when picking your lubricant? Here is some useful information to help you learn how to choose the right lube for every situation and purpose.

How do I choose the Perfect Lube for Me?

First, consider what you’ll be using lubrication for and then move on from there.


#1 – Determine how you’ll be using your lube.

How you will be enjoying your lubricant can play a part in your choice.


  • Partnered sex
  • Personal play
  • Sex toy activities
  • Anal play
  • Urethral sounding
  • Electrostimulation
  • As a vaginal moisturizer

When choosing a lubricant for electrostimulation, or e-stim, a water-based formula works exceptionally well since it acts as a conductive element.

And, while silicone lubricant is an excellent choice for anal play, it isn’t compatible with silicone sex toys. This is because the silicone lubricant can break down and degrade the silicone material over time. Water-based formulas are most often best when pairing them with pleasure products.


#2 – Consider allergies and skin sensitivities.

Keep in mind which ingredients you may be sensitive to. Consider natural, organic, or lubricants containing limited ingredients if you know you have sensitive skin.

Because the rectal canal is not self-lubricating, generally silicone lubricants are recommended. This is because they usually have a thicker formula designed to offer extra padding and are longer lasting.

Swiss Navy Tip! The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) considers lubricants medical devices and only formulas that have been FDA-approved or FDA-regulated can use the title “lubricant”. This is one way to know that the formula you’re using has been laboratory tested.


#3 – Consider lubricants that are made with you in mind.

Some lubricants are made with vaginal pH levels taken into consideration, are designed specifically for masturbation or vegans, or are crafted for older, menopausal women who need additional moisture.

Take time to determine if there is something extra that may be helpful for you, such as the Desire by Swiss Navy collection, made by women, for women.


Choosing Your Lube – A Quick Checklist

_____ How will you be using your lubricant?

_____ Do you have any allergies or skin sensitivities?

_____ Are you considering a specialty lubricant to meet your specific needs?

_____ Is your lubricant choice compatible with sex toys?

_____ If you’ve chosen a lube for partner-play, does it take into account your partners’ preferences?

_____ Should you order a few different lubricants so you can experiment?

_____ Would sensation-play lubricants that are warming or provide flavor add another dimension to your sexual activities?

Also keep in mind that personal lubricants do have a recommended shelf life. A good rule is to replace personal lubricants every six to nine months.

Swiss Navy Tip! Store your lubricants in a cool, dry location at room temperature and make sure to always keep the cap firmly closed during storage.

The decision on which lubricant to use is a personal preference but taking your time to learn about the different options that are available will help you find the one that works the best for you.